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High-pressure blower why to appear noise

High-pressure blower why to appear noise

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High-pressure blowerNoise including air dynamic noise air dynamic noise, mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise and structure noise etc.
Air dynamic noise is because the gas flow, namely the unsteady airflow disturbance, the gas and the gas and gas and objects interact to produce noise.From noise generation mechanism by rotation, we can see the noise (pressure pulsation) and eddy turbulence noise (composed. Noise)

1.Eddy current noise
Eddy current noise turbulence noise called again.It is mainly produced air flows through blades interface layer and whirlpool, forming attached, and cause leaves from the radiation that pressure pulsation of a unsteady flow noise.
Because of the frequency of eddy current noise, mainly depends on the relative speed blade and airflow velocity, and relatively again with the circumference of the relevant working wheels, circumferential velocity is rate as working round the point to the shaft axis distance and continuous variation.
Fan's air dynamic noise is rotating noise and eddy current noise mutual mixed effect;Mechanical noise mainly through the high-pressure blower around the cabinet to radiation;Electromagnetic noise of motor with air dynamic noise and mechanical noise compared to low

2. Rotating noise
High-pressure blowerRotating noise is working wheel rotates, the blade wheel surrounding gas medium, blow caused the surrounding gas pressure pulsation and form, for a given space for a particle, whenever leaf through, hit the particle gas pressure promptly ups and downs once, rotating blades one continuous continually produce skimming pressure pulsation, causing the inhomogeneity of the airflow big, thus to around radiation noise.

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