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Introduction to Wolfgang Gaede

A craftsman persistent in forging, spending his whole life on exactly one thing.
In 1962, Wolfgang Gaede invented the rotary mercury (high vacuum) pump and gained the patent.
1938 Was born in Munich, German
1956 Graduated for University of Freiburg majored in Physics
1962 Obtained a patent for his rotary mercury (high vacuum) pump
1965 Invented oil diffusion pump
1970 Was awarded Gaed Award and Gaede-Langmuir Award by Germany Vacuum Physical Association and American Vacuum Association respectively
1974 Developed an exclusive blower for Heidelberg printer CD102 series
1976 Joint Germany Vacuum Physical Association for researches on water ring vacuum pumps and turbo molecule pumps and made great achievements
1980 Went to American Vacuum Association Research Institution for researches on more advanced vacuum fluid technology
1988 Served as committee chairman of the institution
1995 Was invited to be the adviser of Liongoal global R&D center.

World's Vacuum Hero—Wolfgang Gaede

In 1938, Wolfgang Gaede was born in Munich, German.
In the 20th century of rapid industrialization, he made special devotions to both the theory and application of vacuum technology.
Wolfgang Gaede is the founder of modern vacuum technology.
Ever since the appearance of his first high vacuum pump—rotary mercury vacuum pump 50 years ago, all significant progresses made in high vacuum physics have been closely connected with his name. He is a great mind who has carved out a new path in the professional field he was engaged in.

International Brand Connected with Master

In 1990, patriotic distributor of vacuum fluid was lucky enough to attend a science and research symposium of Wolfgang Gaede, whose research fruits of vacuum fluid technology shocked him. After that the distributor visited Wolfgang Gaede, and, after talks with him, he realized that the existing equipment and technical support in current Chinese market were quiet backward and Wolfgang Gaede's research on blower manufacturing technology was definitely advanced.
In order to gain the support from Wolfgang Gaede, patriotic distributor stayed in Germany Physical Research Institution for 3 years. Finally, his sincerity and patriotism touched old Wolfgang Gaede. He explained that China was experiencing a time of rapid economic growth and in urgent need of this equipment and technology, while most of the advanced blower manufacturing equipment and technology were only available in European and American countries. He desperately hoped he would get technical support from Wolfgang Gaede.
In 1993, the patriotic distributor finally got the technical and equipment support from Wolfgang Gaede and Germany Vacuum Physical Research Institution. Moreover, he had been authorized to act for many Germany blower equipment and technology companies. Later in the same year, the distributor returned to his country and established Liogoal Blower brand following Germany blower technology with technical support from Wolfgang Gaede, as well as his scientific research spirit of persistence, strictness, and perfection. In 2001, China entered WTO, bringing China's participation in economic globalization in a wider scope and to a larger extend. Meanwhile, both international and domestic standards on the import and export of precision equipment were relaxed, so Liongoal Blower brand opened Chinese market accordingly and was renamed as Shige International. In 2008, Liongoal International began to establish its marketing network in Asian-Pacific region and China Mainland.

A craftsman persistent in forging spending
his whole life exactly on one thing.

Wolfgang Gaede, a pioneer of vacuum fluid field, has always been persistent and concentrated. He set science as priority followed by other pursuing goals. His whole life and efforts were devoted to the research of vacuum technology.
He invented rotary mercury (high vacuum) pump, applied vacuum research fruits to the prosperous manufacturing in German, solved R&D difficulties of developing exclusive blower for Heidelberg printer CD102 series and earned many titles of the Best Devotion to Vacuum Fluid Technology Award and the World's Vacuum Hero as well. These proud results are the best return to his all-life research on vacuum technology.
Wolfgang Gaede composed a brand new chapter for the world's blower development history. He is an outstanding craftsman that leads in the industry and a great hero that guides the history.
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